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Hi-Tech Claims Adjustment

Like most industries, the property claims world has been forever changed by technology. Tools available now were unthinkable just a few years ago. Like me, some of you may recall when the USPS, pay phone, beeper and thermal fax machine were the “state of the art” in claims communication. Not anymore.

Economist and author Tyler Cowen describes his idea of the future in his book,“Average is Over”. Cowen forecasts there will be a definitive and radical separation of the workforce; a small group of highly educated professionals working with automated systems, and everyone else, living in squalor, barely surviving on the low priced goods produced by the first group. While Cowen’s ideas may be hard to grasp today, one can not argue that technology is taking over the world. The number of mobile devices alone is expected to exceed the world’s population by 4 to 1 in 2020.

Today we have an army of worldwide technology developers constantly striving to provide more efficient and economical products to assist the adjustment of your property damage claim.

On-site data capture through laptops, tablets and smart-phones saves immeasurable desk time for adjusters. Laser measuring devices, Bluetooth data transfer, automated estimating systems, satellite/aerial imagery measuring, the list goes on and on.

Magic Plan is an amazing new app that allows nearly instant measurement and floor planning through your mobile device. EagleView Technologies measures your homes roof and exterior siding through aerial photo analysis. Symbility Mobile Claims provides numerous solutions including “Symbility Video Connect”, which provides a remote link from desk to loss site.

New technology is being developed every day. Learning how to take advantage of that technology is the challenge. Here at Richard Green and Son Public Adjusters, we are on the forefront of technology utilization for our clients, providing faster and more accurate settlements so that your property can be restored properly and as soon as possible. Remember, your insurance company protects you from disaster, and we protect you from your insurance company.