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Commercial Losses

richard green and son public adjuster storm damage beach01Has your business suffered a casualty loss? We have the experience and resources to help you navigate the claim process and get your business up and running again as quickly as possible.

Did you know our Business Owners Policy (BOP) most likely covers the reasonable extra expense you incur to resume operations? While most business owners rely on their insurance company to cover their lost income, our strategy incorporates a two-phase approach. We will certainly assist you in compiling and presenting your lost income claim, but we will also focus on getting your business back in business as quickly as possible, minimizing lost income and protecting your customer relationships. Lost income can be recovered, lost customers cannot.

We will utilize top professionals to investigate and support your claim. We have spent decades researching the best available engineers, forensic accountants, architects, and construction consultants, to name a few. These experts will provide necessary information to back up and maximize your claim for loss so you receive a maximum settlement.

You have spent countless hours building a successful business and now it is threatened. You have an important decision to make that may affect your business forever. Don’t trust your business to fate, hire the experts at Richard Green and Son Public Adjusters.