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Millburn NJ public adjustingYour property or business in Millburn, NJ has suffered damages and you now have an important decision to make. Should you try to adjust the claim yourself or hire a professional to represent you?

This decision will have a tremendous impact on the property in question. For most policyholders, the complexities of properly preparing and presenting a property damage claim are unfamiliar and overwhelming. The emotional impact of a devastating property loss can leave you ill-prepared to handle a complicated claims adjustment procedure.

You'll be busy enough trying to get your life and business stabilized. But the burden of proof is on you. Your estimate of damages must be quickly and precisely prepared to insurance industry standards and specifications in order to maximize your claim.

You'll have to properly interpret confusing policy provisions, exclusions and requirements that must be complied with. Chances are you are not prepared to deal with all this. But we are.

We are dedicated to offering a higher level of service to a small clientele base by limiting the number of cases we accept. This is the secret to our success. Since day one, we have made customer satisfaction the highest priority. We are proud of our long tenure in the industry, and of the reputation we've earned among our clients and our peers. Few other Public Adjusting firms can say the same.


Bernard Kevin Woods —
5 star 
I don't know what I would have done without you. My sincere thanks for all your help during my frozen pipe/water damage claim. Your extreme attention to detail proved to be vital in the settleing the claim successfully. I recommend your professionalism and dedication to anyone who has a potential claimas I did.

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There’s a disturbing trend in property claims management regarding plumbing overflow damages, which are undeniably covered by most policies. Carriers are purposefully misclassifying these claims as “sewer back-ups”, or “drain back-ups” to avoid or severely limit coverage.

What’s the difference between an overflow and a back-up? First of all, an overflow is typically covered by the policy and a back-up isn’t, but more importantly, it’s the point of origin of the water that defines the true cause of loss.

Quite simply, if the municipal sewer system, outside the property backs up into the property, the event is a sewage back-up and it is typically not covered. If water which originates inside the property overflows from any drain, sink, toilet or similar plumbing fixture, the event is a plumbing overflow and is covered by the policy. So it’s the point of origin of the water which defines coverage.

Unfortunately, most property owners do not know this important difference and many insurance companies are now taking advantage of it. Misclassifying any event in which water escapes from a drain as a “back-up” can save a carrier millions in claim pay-outs.

Some carriers offer an optional coverage endorsement, for an increased premium of course, which provides coverage for back up of sewers and drains. Typically, these endorsements have low value coverage limits, usually $5,000.00 or $10,000.00 for a homeowner’s policy. When a customer has a plumbing overflow claim the carrier erroneously hides behind the back-up endorsement and limits the claim payout to the predetermined $5K or $10K limit, even if the claim is really worth much, much more.

Don’t let your claim be wrongfully denied or severely limited by your insurance carrier, instead, contact the experts at Richard Green and Son Public Adjusters. And remember, your insurance company protects you from disaster, and we protect you from your insurance company.