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Water Damage

Plumbing Leaks Cause Billions in Damage Annually

richard-green-and-son-public-adjuster-water damageBurst pipes, frozen pipes, breached sprinkler systems and other plumbing related damage are the most common cause of property loss. Fires are rare, but almost everyone experiences water damage at one time or another. Although not as dramatic or traumatic as a fire, a water loss can be equally devastating to your property.

Mold, mildew and fungal growth caused by water damage can create environmental hazards that will affect your property and the health of anyone who enters your home or business. To complicate matters, many insurance policies have mold exclusion language or very low limits of liability for mold related expense. Immediate loss mitigation following a water damage event is critical in minimizing your exposure to the financial impact mold can cause.

We have professional mitigation contractors at the ready, and will facilitate the process without delay. It is often difficult to determine the full extent of water damage to a property. A ceiling, wall or floor can appear dry and unaffected, but water can travel behind these surfaces and create hidden damages that may necessitate tear-out and replacement. We use state-of-the-art moisture probes to detect these damages and determine the full scope of your loss.

We also have a network of professional contractors for loss mitigation, mold remediation, mold testing and indoor environmental hazard prevention ready to assist us in documenting your loss. Do not underestimate the devastating and long term impact a water damage event can have on your property. Let our professional team determine and evaluate the full scope of your water loss and negotiate an equitable settlement on your behalf so you can properly restore your property.