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Be Prepared

Understand Your Coverage: We encourage you to consult with your insurance agent to make sure you have the proper coverage long before a loss ever occurs. No amount of representation can change your limit of liability if you are underinsured at the time of loss. Do not be fooled by terms like “guaranteed replacement cost”. Make sure you are properly insured before its too late and if you don’t have a complete and updated copy of your policy, contact your agent and request one.

Make Adjustments in Coverage:  We can provide a property inspection and policy evaluation upon request and will offer suggestions for alterations to your current policy package based on any deficiencies determined or available endorsements/increased limits of liability.

Have a Complete Inventory: We can arrange a full pre-loss evaluation of your home or business location and personal property inventory which can include photo and/or video documentation for the ultimate in casualty loss preparation. Regularly scheduled updates for cost of living increases can also be provided.

Have a Plan:  We can arrange a pre-loss consultation to discuss our service in greater detail. Making the decision regarding representation before a loss occurs takes the emotion out of the process, allowing you to rely on your head and not your heart.

Back up important data regularly:  Business and home owners easily have the ability to warehouse critical data on any PC. Any records of major renovations, expenditures, clientele contact information, accounting data and sales records should be included. We can arrange for off site back ups done on a regular basis upon request.