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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my adjustment procedure take?

The duration of any claim adjustment is dependent on how much opposition the carrier gives in our pursuit of an amicable settlement. Some losses settle very quickly if you have a
reasonable opponent. But in other cases, a difficult adjuster or carrier can delay an amicable settlement for months. In tough adjustments, patience and persistence often make the
difference between a marginal settlement and a successful one. The carrier does not expect you to outlast them and when you do the advantage clearly shifts. No matter what, the
inconvenience of an extended adjustment procedure will pale in comparison to a poorly restored home limited by an insufficient claim settlement.

Why can’t I just have my contractor prepare a damage restoration estimate for me and base my claims negotiation on that?

Any estimate is written based on motivational factors. If your contractor writes your estimate it will likely be based on a competitive bid so he can land the job. Additionally, a
restoration contractor is not likely to have the policy interpretation experience necessary to prepare an estimate to insurance company standards. And any attempt to negotiate from an estimate that was written by someone else will be a weak approach to maximizing the settlement. At RG&S, we write our own restoration estimates and are best suited to negotiate these estimates successfully due to our intimate knowledge of their content.

Why can’t I rely on my Insurance Agent to act as my advocate during my claim process?

Agents sell insurance and adjusters determine claim values. Other than assisting with the initial claim report, most agents have very little impact on the claim process. Also, most agents depend on their profit/loss ratios to determine their income. Thus, higher claims payments to their insured’s equate to lower income for the agent. So, unlike a Public Adjuster who is getting paid a percentage of the loss settlement, the agent actually makes less as the claims increase in value.

My Insurance Company has already evaluated my claim and issued payment so is it too late for your service to be a benefit?

Although it is almost always beneficial to hire us as soon as possible, it is never too late for a consultation unless your statute of limitations has expired. We have successfully re-opened many claims and adjusted higher settlements on our client’s behalf.

Will my policy be cancelled if I use a Public Adjuster?

No. Each state has regulations every insurance carrier must follow. These regulations include reasons in which a policy can be cancelled or non-renewed and hiring a Public Adjuster is not one of those reasons for cancellation.

Why can’t I handle my own loss?

In some instances you may be better off handling your own claim, especially if your claim is a small homeowner’s loss. If that is the case, we will provide a simple, step-by-step guideline for you to follow. We will also be available for a pro-bono phone consult pending the carrier’s response. So, even if your loss is too small to warrant our representation we will guide you through the process. But, the larger the loss, the larger the risk in trying to self adjust the claim and the more complicated the process becomes. We will assist you in determining if the loss should be represented or not. In fact, many times there is much more damage than meets the eye. And we will make this determination and make sure you are on the proper path at no cost to you.