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What You Should Know

Call RG & S:  We will evaluate your loss and report your claim to your insurance carrier properly to ensure an accurate coverage determination. The first few weeks following a loss are critical and how your claim is handled during this period will determine the outcome, from a time and amount standpoint.  It is likely that the adjuster working for your insurance company will provide an esitmate that is lower than what is actually required completley recover from your loss.  Once this amount is set it can be very difficult to convince the insurer to negotiate above that number.  Avoid this hassle, call us first.

Properly Report Your Claim:  Many claims are denied unjustly due to improper loss notification. For example, a sewage backup is not covered by most policies but a plumbing overflow is. A water loss caused by a broken pipe can commonly be referred to as a “flood” but most policies do not cover “Flood” damage. Do you know the difference in these key definitions? We do. Let us properly report your claim for you.

Keep Good Records:  Keep an accurate record of any post loss expenses you incur. Keep an activity log and save any expense documentation available. Most policies include ALE or Additional Living Expense coverage but this is usually the last portion of loss that gets settled. Good record keeping is critical.

Protect Your Property:  It’s your responsibility to protect your property from further damage following a loss. This includes boarding up or tarping any openings in your dwelling or building caused by a loss, water extraction, wet material removal, and drying equipment placement for mold prevention and temporary winterization of your plumbing system in cold weather if your heating system is no longer functioning.

Work With Professionals:  Beware of any “Johnny on the Spot” solicitors who may show up following a loss. Many people are vulnerable following a disaster and there may always be a desperate business ready to pounce on your misfortune. These include other Public Adjusting firms, Emergency Service Contractors and Casualty Restoration Contractors. Remember, the best representatives do not need to chase fire trucks.