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Fire & Smoke

Are You Prepared?


If you suffer damage to your home or business from fire or smoke, you are facing a tremendous challenge on a variety of levels.

We can help guide you through the difficult and complicated process of preparing and presenting your claim, and negotiate an amicable settlement on your behalf which will enable you to fully restore your property. 

When a traumatic event occurs you are more vulnerable than ever. The emotional impact of a devastating loss, can and will, effect your ability to think clearly. Add to that the fact that you have zero experience in the claims adjustment process. On the other hand, the carrier's representative has no personal stake in the process and most likely has an ample amount of loss negotiation experience. Make no mistake, your are at a formidable disadvantage.

We level the playing field and ensure an equitable claim recovery. Now is not the time to try and learn the intricacies of adjusting an insurance claim. Do not be victimized twice by the same occurrence.

Put our professionalism, integrity and dedication to work on your side.